The Way 2 healthcare

Our goal is to create value together.

A changing market environment brings along big challenges for all participants. However, constant change also brings opportunities to be seized. We believe that through trustful collaboration and partnerships new business areas can be developed and further growth will be possible.

We can support with our network and contacts in the healthcare industry especially to pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, service providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

As an independent partner with a long standing experience in the European healthcare market we can contribute to your success.




We offer our services Europe-wide and tailored to the individual countries.

Consultancy in healthcare

  • Product launches
  • Pharma distribution
  • Pharmacies
  • Services for patients (compliance/adherence)
  • Market entry into Europe - Route-to-Market


  • Search for acquisition opportunities
  • Search for potential purchaser
  • Support of transactions



  • Search for partners
  • Setup and management of partnerships
  • Generation of joint value 



B2B platforms

Development and operation of B2B platforms in the healthcare market



About us 

We are a team of experienced managers with more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market on a European level. We have developed creative solutions for the pharma industry, distribution solutions, retail structures and executed M&A transactions.

We have a wide network in Europe with contacts to the pharmaceutical industry, logistic and other service providers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacy chains and other companies.